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Just nothing like going to bed curled up in your favorite blankie in a thick, dry diaper. Makes this week of being sick so much better.

Abi ran back to her room and slammed the door shut. ‘How could I have been so stupid? How had he noticed? Why did he assume diaper? How did he know?’ Questions raced through her mind. She threw herself on her bed and curled up into a fetal position. Tears rolled down her eyes and her thumb slipped into her mouth. She couldn’t believe she got caught on the first date!

Abi was actually medically incontinent. Since she had such a thin frame, she usually wore thinner diapers whenever she went out with friends or on dates. Her bowel movements were very regular due to her strict diet, so she knew when, well, shit was going to happen. She had worn diapers around the house with plenty of guys before. None of them had ever picked up on them, epsecially not on the first date. She usually ended up breaking off relationships before they got intimate so she wouldn’t have to face a guy and tell them she was incontinent.

‘Why did I go with the thicker ones?’ She asked herself again, and immediately started sobbing loudly once again. He was going to tell everyone. She was ruined. She’d have to quit her job, loose all her friends, and move half way across the world in order to escape the range of the consequences. Abi just couldn’t believe what a little carelessness had caused. She cried for what seemed like hours before drifting off into a restless sleep.


Abi woke up hours later, still curled up on her bed. The sun shone brightly into the window. She sighed as she remembered the night before. She still had no idea what she was going to do about the situation. She stayed in bed a while longer, her mind wandering before she finally resolved to get up and start her day. It was a Saturday. She figured Dave had long since left her apartment. She streched and yawned loudly before taking off her tank top and pajama pants, leaving her in just her thick diaper and a pink bra. As always, even the thick diaper was quite saturated after an entire night. Abi counted herself lucky the diaper didn’t leak- after a night of drinking she usually had to wear plastic pants over her diaper so it didn’t leak.

Abi grabbed a fresh diaper from a large wooden armoire that was stock full of all kinds of incontence and baby supplies. She had no plans of leaving her apartment, so she grabbed another thick diaper so she wouldn’t need to change for a few hours. The bathroom was just across the hall from her bedroom. She left her room and entered the bathroom. She turned the shower on hot so it could warm up before she got in, then she stripped off the rest of her attire. The large, soggy diaper was taped up and thrown into a lidded trashcan. As soon as steam was billowing out from above the shower, Abi stepped in and was instantly soothed by the warmth on her soft skin. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and relaxed as she began to clean up.

Half an hour later when the water was starting to get cold from the lack of hot water, Abi finally got out of the shower. She dried her body off, then wrapped the towel into her hair. Above the sink was a medicine cabinet. She opened it, and grabbed vasaline and baby powder. She had lived too long with incontinence to make the mistake of going a day diapered without protection. She applied a layer of vasaline between her legs, making sure to cover any areas where chafing could develop. Then she opened the diaper up and used the door of the bathroom as support as she wrapped it around her waist. Before she taped it shut, she covered her crotch in a later of white baby powder, then taped everything tightly shut. She was content for a few hours.

Abi walked back to her room, put on a bra and a tank top, then let her hair down to dry. She spent almost every Saturday in just her thick diapers. She had been incontinent for a few years now. She had gotten into a car accident when she was in college. The car accident itself didn’t do much damage, but it had been enough to make her loose control for a while. The doctors had said she should only have had to wear the diapers for a while, and for a few weeks after the accident, Abi was perfectly fine. But then college started back up again, and between coping with the accident and the physical trauma from it, plus the added stress of school, Abi began wetting at night again. The doctors told her it was just stress related, but the more it happened, the more she stressed out about someone finding out. Soon Abi was wearing 24/7 because she was having accidents all the time. After she graduated just a few months ago, Abi hoped the incontinence would go away. But her muscles were so weak after almost a year of wearing that she still had no control. And then she became stressed out again…

She grabbed a brush from the dresser and began brushing her hair out as she walked out to the living room once again. She turned on the TV, then headed to the kitchen. Dave was not around- she figured he would have left- and she almost sobbed again at the idea of him leaving. She poured herself a bowl of cereal, then sat down to watch the news, or whatever was on TV on Saturday mornings. She always found herself watching the cartoon channels, but never understood why. She signed as she resigned herself to a boring weekend, hoping never to see Dave again!


Dave waited around a few minutes for Abi to return, but she never did. He wanted desperately to tell her that it didn’t bother him- that he actually was thrilled that she wore- but he knew that he had blown his chance with a tactless comment. She would probably ignore him forever, he figured. At least, that would be his plan if he ever got caught. Finally after a few minutes of waiting, Dave left, closing the front door behind him on his way out. He liked Abi. He desperately wanted to meet up with her. But he wanted to do it with tact. He had to come up with the perfect plan to win her over. Not only did he have to convince her to let him see her again, but he had to let her know that he, too was interested in diapers.


Author’s Note: Much delay between chapters, I know. Let me know what y’all think. I already have ideas for future chapers. -Goose

I’ve been thinking. It’s been a while since I’ve done any writing. I might start up again for fun. Life’s been pretty crazy the past few weeks. I haven’t had much time at all to be diapered up, and it kind of sucks. It’s rather relaxing to spend the day in a thick diaper. It would probably help releave the stress of college quite well. Anyway, as the topic of this post was states, I’ll be getting back to writing some more to help relax. Not sure if I’ll continue my old stories or not- it’s been a while since I’ve written about them, and I might not know where I was intending to go with the plot anymore- but I’ll definitely look into posting some more sometime soon. Stick with me.

And let me know if you have a good idea for a plot. I might write up a one-shot or something. Maybe longer.
Peace and love

For the first time in, like, a decade or so, campus has canceled classes today for the massive blizzard sweeping through the U.S. Not much is better than sitting at home, sipping hot chocolate diapered after some snowboarding. I went out today to snowboard diapered- I think it helped cushion my fall at least a few times! But I had so many layers of clothing on that no one even noticed I was diapered- and several people slapped my butt or pushed me down the hill [It’s a frat.. butt slapping happens quite frequently].

Now that I’m done snowboarding, at least for a few hours, I’m siting here, listening to music and watching movies, diapered and warm. It’s gonna be a great day. =]


Alright, like I promised, I’m gonna keep posting. I got a few positive comments on he blarging, so I guess I’ll keep it up. I didn’t hear much about the stories though, so we’ll see about revisiting them. It’s still in the works.

Anyway, I just got back from a weekend with my brothers. I’m in a frat and we recently had a large gathering of a bunch of us. It was a ton of fun to meet up with my brothers from different chapters around the U.S. I definitely enjoyed myself, and did quite a bunch of drinking and sharing stories.

I’m getting on a few weeks of not having been diapered. I think tonight I’m gonna diaper up again- it’s been way too long. Having a roommate this semester definitely slows down the pace of when I can wear. It makes me all sad panda. 😛

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